Keeping an Eye on Your Facility.

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves an increasing number of connected devices, and safeguarding these devices and maintaining building automation network security is important.




Many building owners have standardized on a version of the Niagara Framework® and have JACE® stations that connect a myriad of devices in buildings. These Niagara® Stations have many configuration options that can affect the security of your installation.

Many vulnerabilities are easily mitigated by applying the rules outlined in the Niagara Hardening Guide(s), but maintaining consistent adherence to these security recommendations over time is a tedious task, especially with large networks. In addition, maintaining a high-level understanding of a Niagara Network’s security is laborious and speculative at best.


We provide innovative solutions for systems-integrators and end-users of Building Automation Systems. Our goal with nProtex is to elevate the user’s awareness of potential security risks by providing a solution that simplifies the management and understanding of recommended security policies.

nProtex is a comprehensive security reporting tool for two-tiered Niagara AX® and N4 Networks. It offers scheduled and on-demand reporting of security policy adherence. All generated Reports are saved for future comparison. Reports, past and present, are visualized in a clear and responsive web interface.

Don't be a part of these statistics.

Did not require strong passwords.

Were found to have vulnerabilities.

Did not use any encryption.

Threats can be set to Alert when certain conditions are met in connected devices.


A Threat measures adherence to best practices regarding security vulnerabilities. nProtex tracks Threats on each Supervisor or JACE® Station. Some threats are configurable; for example, the Threat Too Many Super Users allows an authorized user to set the number of allowable super users on a per-Station basis.


Reports are the recommended way to review the security status of your Niagara Network. nProtex checks the configured security policy conditions on each Niagara Station to calculate a current, system-wide security audit. Reports aggregate the security analysis from each Niagara Station connected to your server and give visual prominence to the Threats with the highest severities. Each Threat is broken down in detail, giving an assessment for each Station.

Reports Include:

Password Strength Expiration

User Account Lockout

Outdated Software (Niagara, nProtex)

Super User Required for Program Objects

Limited Number of Users & Super Users

FoxService: Authentication Checks

WebService: Authentication Checks

Configurable Threat Alerts




Adding an additional layer of security to station access via whitelists and blacklists


Clear UI to see how each Station is performing and to analyze the metrics of a specific JACE


Display logins, bad logins, and IP addresses across all Stations

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